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You are standing in front of the ruins of the little church of 

Dunlewy in the north of Ireland. The church where the 

young twelve-year-old Jonathan Eaton many years ago broke 

through the old stone floor and fell into this hidden medieval 

labyrinth, unable to climb back.


So, what will be your mission? Just like the young 

Jonathan Eaton you will have to find the exit of the catacombs. 

Therefore, you have to solve six riddles that will help you find the

right position and location of three discs.


If the three discs are in the right location and position you can 

complete the route from the spot where Jonathan entered the 

catacombs to the exit.


Good luck!





PS. I’ll keep an eye on your progress!

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Sixty-two-year-old billionaire Jonathan Eaton, founder and major shareholder of Vestigium

Industries (now the most powerful consortium of tech and infrastructure globally), announced that he is organizing a competition. The winner will receive all of Eaton’s Vestigium shares, meaning that he or she will “inherit” virtually all of Eaton’s empire. 


The competition will consist of several special tests. In Eaton’s case, testing will take place in Eaton’s “Houses of Treasure”; a strange ‘collection’ of temples and catacombs acquired by the Vestigium Foundation all  over the world...

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Release end of 2022 

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Available in Great Brittain, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium,Denmark/Sweden/
Norway, and the Netherlands. 

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